BFM analysis of material price movement pre-and post-Brexit

The BFM – using its price tracking system – has looked at 37 different materials or feedstocks that determine prices and are typically supplied to furniture manufacturers.   All the commodity items span the Brexit decision, and for each item, prices are compared over a month and over a year.   The prices are shown in Sterling and account for any exchange rate movements, given that many material supplies are imported.

The monthly changes in prices are very similar for many items and reflect the fall in the pound against other currencies.  However, the data shows too that over the year prices for many materials/feedstocks have risen noticeably.  

The materials covered include:

  • Board – of various compositions
  • Foam chemicals
  • Fibres
  • Hides
  • Steel wire mesh
  • Hardwoods and softwoods

An example of rates for a 40ft shipping container from China to Felixstowe is also included in the analysis.

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