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BFM Projects

The Freefoam Project (pdf)

Mobility and Apprenticeships in the European Furniture and Woodworking Sectors (pdf)

FIRST - project to improve the competitiveness of the furniture industry

FAR – EU - best practice to reduce the number of accidents in the furniture industry

FACTS2 – EU - health, safety and environment audits

Projects - BFM environment

European Social Dialogue

In the Spring of 2012, the BFM has, with other European countires under the auspices of the UEA, begun a EU funded porject to look at the viability of setting up a European Sector Skills Council.

The BFM has also recently secured a 3 year project entitled FREEFOAM. Its aim is to reduce health risk of workers during foam manufacturing by lowering the concentration of free isocyanate and reducing the emission of the same to the atmosphere. It is a EU funded project in partnership with other European countries.