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The UK's First Ever FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award Winning AVA Mattresses Debut at JFS

Ava Science SleepSquare GreenWith the launch of AVA Sleep, the UK’s first ever FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award winning mattresses will be inaugurated at the nation’s largest Furniture Show.

AVA has many a first to its credit which catapults this new start up at the forefront of mattress research, development, design and manufacturing. AVA is the first ever UK company to have commissioned two independent Sleep Research and Ergonomics Studies on the same mattresses with the institutes of International repute including FIRA.

Furthermore, AVA has developed the UK's first ever FIRA verified pressure relieving and body adaptive High Performance Advanced MediCell ErgoFoam Technology TM for mattresses with proven health benefits.

In addition to this Technology, AVA has also introduced its proprietary Ergobatic HighAVA-FIRA Ergonomics Excellence logo RGB Performance Advanced Body Support Core System® and ErgoPlus High Performance Pressure Relieving Body Support Core System® to normalise their utilisation in domestic mattresses for a wider benefits of one and all.

Dr Ilyas Ansari, a scientist, an engineer, a mattress technologist and the founder of AVA Sleep joined the forces with a world famous sleep scientist Professor John Greoger, Hull University and an eminent Ergonomics authority Levent Caglar of FIRA to independently assess the performance and the benefits of the innovative, smart and body adaptive luxuriously comfortable and highly affordable AVA mattresses.

AVA-IMG 0543Following a rigorous scientific and engineering testing and a participation of male and female subjects of various shapes, sizes, frames, height and weight, AVA mattresses have proven to go beyond the stringent criteria for the FIRA’s Ergonomics Excellence Award, providing an outstanding pressure relief while reducing the chances of developing body pressure ulcers, keeping the spine in natural S-shape whilst supporting the whole body to reduce the pains and aches. An independent validation and Ergonomics Excellence Award is a testimony of quality mark and proven ergonomics benefits of AVA mattresses by FIRA - the UK’s Furniture Industry Research Association.

Ilyas said "Olympians, Paralympians and elite athletes rely on an AVA mattresses for their HCMBE-JH.jpg-159restorative and rejuvenating sleep". 7 times World Champion, 5 times Paralympic Gold medallist and multiple World record holder, Hannah Cockroft, MBE (on right), says "an AVA mattress helps me recover better with restful nights. Sleeping off the winter miles like a baby on my new mattress".

Ilyas further added that the Furniture Show is the perfect inaugural ground to promote AVA's prestigious Award winning “Science to Sleep” mattresses proven for their health benefits. AVA's innovation and excellence in mattresses' design and development is unprecedentedly unmatched in the UK bed market. AVA invites you all to visit their stand D70 in Hall 5 at NEC between 22nd January and 25th January 2017.

Ilyas is also interested to hear from the commission agents who want to explore a possibility to work with AVA may contact him either on 07710495599 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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