Highgate Beds

Highgate Beds Ltd are hand crafted, from the inspiration we get from making them, through to the designing of the product, choosing the fabric and fillings and onto even hand stitching the sides on some models. We take pride and care in our work, and treat the beds as a member of our family.

Highgate Beds is a family built firm spanning over 4 decades, and 3 generations, and is still run by its founding members in this present day. They’ve taken our time to re-craft and perfect the products, so that the ultimate goal is quality mattresses, and one to suit all needs, which is why Highgate take precautions in trialling the products, before it even reaches the shop floor, or customer’s bedroom.

Highgate Beds take inspiration from the far reaches of the globe, so that we can bring not only the traditional aspects of the sleeping experience, but also the modern day technologies too. This includes of renowned Zero Gravity™, which is a newly developed technological advancement, which they are proud to say we made, and have the exclusive right as a manufacturer over.

Healthopaedic is a brand proud to have grown and develop over the years, with added rangesHighgate-2 within this like the brand new Zero Gravity™ technology. These are the fastest selling products due to the uniqueness within the bedding industry, and the feel which is like no other.
Zero Gravity™ is an advance development and really innovative in the way it works. This gives a sense of weightlessness, as though you are floating on air, while lying on the mattress. This is far more superior to the counter parts like memory foam, and has none of the heat retentive properties with such foams. The cooling sensation is formed with the foam, as well as the fabric on top.

All fillings are hand selected to include the very best are sourced. We are proud to make our mattresses and products in house, making us experts in British craftsmanship.

Highgate beds Ltd are pioneers in the latest development, and hope to envelope you into their Sleeping Comfort, for years to come.




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