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You might expect us to begin by telling you how important a good night sleep is, then go on to lull you with beautiful descriptions of our oh-so-exquisite beds.

But you see, our beds hale from Yorkshire and they, like us, are straightforward and uncomplicated. So we won't try soft words and eloquence. We'll simply tell you how it is, quickly and concisely, and let our beds speak for themselves.

Our family-run company is built on a good, solid and very British principle; if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well.

We believe in family, in community, in having one foot in the past and one striding for the future, and in remembering what's important in life. We believe good design is a necessity, not a luxury, and quality needn't be expensive (That's our Yorkshire thriftiness coming through.)

To you, that means a well-made, very comfortable, great value bed. A Shire bed. Enough said.

Contract Shire
Our contract service is a division of Shire Beds, we are manufacturers of high quality contract Shire-Beds-contracthospitality mattresses and bases using the finest raw materials.

Our exclusive range of contract beds and mattresses are designed for the contract and hospitality market. Whether you are a care home, university or a top hotel chain, Shire Beds have the product to cater for your needs.

Our materials have been carefully selected and the products constructed to offer durability and style.

All beds in this catalogue comply with Ignition source 5 medium hazard (Ignition source 7 available on request). All products meet stringent flammability tests.




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