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We cover most of the UK please contact us with your postcode and the nature of your claim

If you're not satisfied with a piece of furniture that you have recently purchased you have certain rights. If the furniture does not meet certain conditions, you may be entitled to a refund, repair or replacement. At Independent Furniture Inspections we provide an on-site inspection and appraisal service for clients that are in dispute with furniture retailers, furniture restorers, manufacturers and removal companies etc from just £125.00 plus VAT.

Furniture or the service must be of satisfactory quality, and also fit for the purpose described. When furniture doesn't meet some or all of these conditions we can help!. Where a retailer, manufacturer or restorer etc refuses to acknowledge that goods or services supplied by them are faulty, or of poor quality, nor fit for the purchase intended.

Barrdale Furniture Inspections specialize in cabinet , lounge, dining and upholstered furniture inspections. All our clients are routed using specialist software that ensures we are efficient and appointments are achievable.

Our assessors provide an estimated time of arrival and keep our clients informed of any changes, calling them en route updating on our eta. We will promptly make an on-site visit to inspect your furniture, compile a report on the relevant findings and provide digital proof of faults that are found. Our report can be used to validate your claim, giving you an invaluable assest against negotiations with your supplier or service provider. We have over 30 years experience in the furniture industry, we are fully converse and have a good understanding of the level of quality that is expected in the manufacture of furniture .

We have a wealth of Knowledge in the construction and materials used in the production/ manufacture of your furniture and also what can be achieved in the restoration sector also. If the furniture cannot be replaced or repaired economically, you are entitled to a refund of the current market value. Please bear in mind, fair wear and tear is not a claim.


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