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Catherine Herries-Smith

CHS image 2Employment law

Catherine Herries-Smith is a Solicitor's & employment law specialist.  While the BFM offers member companies employment advice and guidance through its own specialist, there are occasions when a solictor's involvement is necessary. For example, when seeking to settle a dispute through a settlement agreement or when responding to an employment tribunal application.  Member companies can take advantage of Catherine's services in these and other areas at a BFM discount rate of £150 per hour.

A few words from Catherine....
'Benefiting from over 20 years' experience,  I offer a niche practice focusing on all aspects of employment law.  As a sole practitioner I am able to provide my clients with direct access to me in a personable setting.  I am also tenacious in seeking the best possible result for each client in a  cost effective way.  I am always willing to discuss your requirements in an initial phone call or you can send me an enquiry by e-mail to which I will respond as soon as possible.  My work varies from advising on Settlement (or Compromise) Agreements and contracts of employment to all aspects of employment claims handling from internal procedures to the employment tribunal.'