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At Eat Sleep Live, natural solid wood furniture with rustic, handcrafted quality is our trademark

We are based in Nottingham and it is here that all our assured craftsmanship takes place. Using only British reclaimed wood, each and every Eat Sleep Live piece is characterised by a design that is truly made for life. The meticulous attention to detail is clear to see in all of the pieces produced and our solid wood furniture has a wonderful blend of durability and natural aesthetic charm.

Being able to own a fabulous item of furniture is one thing but what if you could help protect the environment at the same time? With Eat Sleep Live you can do just that, as we craft our designs from only reclaimed wood.

This classic rustic appearance is incredibly difficult to recreate with artificially-made products so is no substitute for our natural handmade pieces. Our furniture is of the highest standard and we have many dark wood pieces to fit seamlessly into your home.

Dark wood can be a particularly popular option when it comes to furnishing as it represents a genuine investment.  Whether you are on the lookout for your very first dark wood items for your home, or if you own some already, our designs are ideal.

It is easy to see why anyone would want to purchase reclaimed wood furniture. It looks fantastic and it is the eco-friendly way to go when kitting out your home. Having home furniture that exudes charisma and its very own story and history is incredibly satisfying, and much beauty lies in the fact that every one of our pieces is a carefully crafted one-off.

At Eat Sleep Live, our furniture is perfect for the rigours of everyday life. When you bring one of our pieces into your home you have something that can help to give your living surroundings intimacy and character for many years to come. We have an extensive range of our handmade designs so take a look at what we have for you. Our furniture is ‘made for life’.

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