British Furniture Manufacturers


Futureglass believes that the home is a special place where you should love to be

Knowing this we design products you will love to live with.

We design and manufacture stylish contemporary furniture with a mastery of our materials to deliver an impeccable style. Futureglass began in 1998 and producing sound enhancing specialist Hi-Fi racks, innovative in their modular vibration smothering design and clean contemporary lines, the complimentary living room furniture range was launched. The positive response from these products set us on to expand this range for the home. Passing of testing to British Standard differentiated the products to the extent that they were quickly selected for the contract furniture market, where yet more unique products were developed in the same style for the UK’s businesses who know the value of having the right working environment.

For Futureglass to produce the products to the quality it does we have created a production facility that has attracted the attention of other manufacturers and retailers who want the benefit of this specialist supply. We are proud to produce for a range of businesses that value the attention to detail we take.

See the product of this attention to detail at our new website or contact us on 01376 4400400 to get a new perspective on the possibilities available.


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