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London Cabinet Makers

True British Craftwork

Over several years, London Cabinet Makers has built a reputation for designing and creating furniture which represents British craftsmanship at its very best.
In particular, we are known for our individual and unique bespoke furniture, which is produced entirely in our workshop - from design, through to manufacture and finishing.
Using a balance of traditional and modern techniques, and working with interior designers and architects on the construction and ergonomics of their designs, we strive to achieve the best possible results in bringing ideas into reality, whether for an individual centrepiece, or an entire furniture collection.
Due to our excellent suppliers, and the experience and know-how of our craftsmen, we are able to utilise a vast array of processes and materials, including a wide range of timbers and real wood veneers, from American Black Walnut and American Oak, through to rare and exotic timbers such as Macassar Ebony and Zebrano, alongside metal and glass work, inlays, sculpture, silver and gold leaf and a full range of paint finishes.

With many years of design experience we can offer individual and unique designs, with attention to detail second to none. We work with designers on the construction and ergonomics of their design, through to the prototyping of it.

London Cabinet makers has a whole host of manufacturing resources at its disposal, including a number of highly sophisticated workshop machines to support our fine craftsman, insuring we deliver perfection every time. Talk to us to discuss your requirements.

Each piece of furniture either bespoke or batch produced is made and finished by hand. To prove their knowledge and craft, our mastercraftsmen carve one of these books from a solid piece of English Lime wood with its pages at just 0.5mm of a millimetre thick.

London Cabinet Makers are able to provide a superb range of high quality finishes, on its furniture from Painting, to waxing and gilding a whole variety of finishes  can be achieved, and we are always available to discuss your requirements and provide samples as required.

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