British Furniture Manufacturers

BFM Partner Event with Reddie & Grose - Design Protection for the UK Furniture Manufacturing Industry

Thu 16th Sep 2021

Webinar- Online

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Did you know you can protect the appearance of your new designs by registering them at the UK Intellectual Property Office? Registering your designs may allow you to prevent the sale of knockoffs or copycat products, particularly on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. This webinar seeks to inform British furniture manufacturers about the benefits of design protection in in the UK.


Webinar- Online


Partnered with BFM, Ian Whitfield, from Reddie & Grose, is delivering a webinar to members with information on how you can protect the IP associated with your new designs. It shall include:

  • A summary of the different types of intellectual property rights
  • An overview of design protection in the UK, including registered and unregistered designs
  • Case studies of registered designs in the furniture manufacturing industry
  • Design invalidations
  • A brief explanation of how Reddie & Grose can help you
  • Advice on what you can do to protect your designs without legal representation

This FREE event will be held online on Thursday 16th September, 10:00 - 10:30.

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