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Furniture factory gate prices up by 8% while retail prices hit record level again

25 March 2022

Furniture factory gate prices up by 8% while retail prices hit record level again

The input costs for British furniture manufacturers were recorded by the office of National Statistics as 19.2% in February compared to that month last year.  Although just less than 20% for the first time since July last year, the period from then to February this year shows that the average increase in the cost of materials and fuel was 21%.

The retail price of all household furniture (home produced and imported) rose by 14.7% in February compared to February last year. The comparative January figure was 14.1%, which at the time was a record rise.   UK furniture manufacturers increased product prices in February by a record 8.1% on an annual basis.  The January rise was 5.2%.

The average value of weekly furniture and lighting sales rose by 35.3% compared to February last year and were 3.2% up on the same month in pre-pandemic 2019.  The sharp rise in the retail price of furniture can be seen when the comparison is made with volume sold.  The amount bought by consumers was up on an annual basis in February by 20% but 5.2% down on February 2019.  

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