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Manufacturing Stakeholder Group Campaign Update

3 November 2021

Manufacturing Stakeholder Group Campaign Update

The Skills Plus campaign is intended to break down some of the barriers that might stand in the way for employers when they are considering an apprenticeship. To do this a campaign has been designed that will take employers on a journey, from understanding the benefits of apprenticeships, through to finding the right training, understanding the funding (as well as incentives) to recruiting an apprentice.  

The campaign will be most applicabl for employers who have not used apprenticeships in the last couple of years or only do so on an infrequent basis. For those employers who are regular users it will provide valuable elements of information that they can dip into as required. 

The campaign will be accompanied by regular updates. For more information about Skills Plus and contact details -

Skills Plus is a FIESTA initiative in partnership with the Apprenticeship Management Group that will enable employers to attract, recruit and develop the skills of the next generation.

See here for an update on the campaign.

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