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Product recalls and safety requirements - new PAS Guidance

29 March 2022

BFM – working with the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) Business Reference Panel Meeting – March 2022

The BFM attended, on behalf of members, the OPSS Business Reference Panel meeting (virtual) held on the 22nd March 2022. The meeting was opened by Michael Kearney (OPSS – Head of Business Engagement) and outlined the scope of the meeting focusing on ‘product recalls’ and the imminent publication of new guidance for business and regulators to be published jointly by OPSS and BSI as Publicly Available Specifications: PAS 7100:2022 (updated) and PAS 7050:2022 (new).

PAS 7100 ‘Supporting Better Product Recalls’ was originally published in March 2018 as the first UK government backed Code of Practice to help businesses understand what they need to do should a consumer product be found to be unsafe.

The Code of Practice includes details on how a business can monitor the safety of products and plan for a recall, and how Market Surveillance Authorities such as local authority Trading Standards can support businesses in their monitoring of incidents and their implementation of corrective action.

The newly published (25th March 2022) PAS 7100:2022 ‘Product recall and other corrective actions’ is a refresh of the 2018 Code of Practice and is presented in two parts; the first providing practical guidance for businesses, the second setting out the responsibilities of regulators in supporting businesses.

This revision incorporates changes regarding the UK exit from the European Union, new sections for online market places, repair and refurbishment and alignment with a new PAS 7050:2022 – Code of Practice ‘Bringing safe products to the market’, also published 25th March 2022.

PAS 7050 is designed to complement PAS 7100:2022 in providing additional guidance which covers the legal duties related to placing safe (non-food) products on the market as well as how to prepare for a recall or in taking other corrective action. It is intended to help those throughout the product safety supply chain, from importers, designers, manufacturers, distributors, repairers and online marketplaces – regardless of business size.

The guidance is also in two parts; the first provides practical guidance for businesses on the development of a product safety management plan and building product safety principles into design and production, the second focusses on the support and advice regulators should provide to businesses in the development and implementation of their ‘product safety management plan’.

‘Free to business’ downloads of the BSI PAS 7100:2022 and PAS 7050:2022, sponsored by OPSS, are available from the BSI website at:

Download the PAS 7100:2022, Supporting better product recalls

Download the PAS 7050:2022, Bringing safe products to market – Safety requirements – Specification 

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