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Retail prices and costs reach highs while Chinese imports surge

21 May 2021

UK Furniture Trade Review

According to the Office of National Statistics, at 5.7%, annual retail price inflation is at its highest rate since September. The cost of making furniture for UK manufacturers rose steeply again. In April material and fuel prices had risen by 8.2% compared to a year ago, up from 6.4% in March. This is the highest figure for over a decade.

Factory gate prices have still to catch up, only rising by 1.5% in April 2020 compared to that month last year.

Meanwhile, in the first quarter of the year, Chinese furniture imports rose by over 40%.  Upholstery imports were up by 50% and mattresses/mattress frames by 79%.

This data is contained in a BFM quarterly review of trade that also looks at the price per kg of imports.

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