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Only £99... Now CADCAM software really is accessible to all woodworkers!

For over 15 years, Delcam, an internationally recognised developer of CADCAM software, has been providing both individuals and businesses worldwide with its range of solutions to create 2D and 3D woodwork. However, aware of the costs involved for smaller companies or those considering entering the industry, Delcam has now launched its entry-level CADCAM package, ArtCAM Express 2011, for only £99!

ArtCAM Express provides an ideal introduction into the world of CADCAM as it offers essential drawing tools as well as 2D and 3D machining. Additionally, unlike other CADCAM packages, woodworkers can also tailor their software by purchasing modules to suit specific design and manufacturing requirements.

Following suit from the more advanced products within the ArtCAM range, Express comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions and has a fully customisable interface. It allows users to import a range of 2D and 3D artwork, access over 400 3D designs from the ArtCAM Express Relief Clipart Library, and create accurate inlays with the intuitive Inlay Wizard. This wizard makes precise male and female parts that slot into one another to create a perfectly flat surface, great for inlaid tables.

To aid the design process in ArtCAM Express, the designer can also purchase up to 10 modules, such as the Vector Tools module. This allows vector artwork to be created on several layers that can be shown or hidden to easily manipulate parts of a design. Additionally, if you need to work with imported files such as DXF files, which are typically used for furniture and cabinetry design packages, or other layered file formats such as PDF s, AI or DGK , their vector layers including layer names and any applied colours will automatically be duplicated. The module also includes further functionality to edit and create vectors suitable for machining.

Hand-carving effects or unique textures, such as those currently sought after for door panels, can also be added in a matter of minutes using the ArtCAM Express Texture Toolpath module.

To help visualise the design, it can be rendered in a number of materials such as the popular wood varieties as well as showing the wood grain direction. If the design requires outside approval, this can then be sent as a rotatable 3D PDF.

Once authorised, the designer can then select the tools they want to use for machining from a database of over 250 routers and machine tools, including the most sought after raised-panel tool shapes in the furniture industry: Ogee, Roman Ogee and Roundover, to produce attractive edge finishes, as well as benefit from a number of machining strategies to ensure that the piece is machined as accurately and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, if the user has a large production run, the Nesting module can place all the pieces to be cut according to their true shape preventing any material wastage.

Finally, a simulation can be run of the pieces being machined using the chosen tools and the given material block dimensions. This has proven extremely beneficial to customers because they can change the tools or machining strategies prior to machining, saving them time and money.

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About Delcam:

Delcam is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CADCAM software product development solutions. Formally founded in 1977, after initial development work at Cambridge University, UK it now has subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Asia. Delcam's software is used by more than 30,000 organisations in over 80 countries.

About ArtCAM:

The ArtCAM software product range provides a unique CAD modelling and CNC CAM machining solution. ArtCAM allows the creation of high quality products from 2D artwork faster than ever thought possible.