British Furniture Manufacturers

Membership types

There are three BFM membership types available:

BFM full member

You can become a BFM full member if you are a furniture manufacturing business established in the UK. 

As a BFM full member, we can help to enhance your business and your business interests as part of a collective body supporting your industry. 

BFM associate member

If you are a business established in the United Kingdom which supplies products or services to the trade or is related in any way such as retail, soft furnishings or accessories then you can apply to become a BFM associate member.

As a BFM approved member you are given preferential status for referrals when suppliers are sought. You can also become a BFM associate member if you are a furniture retailer or an ancillary organisation to the trade such as lighting or another company involved in homeware.

BFM retail member

Retailers can join as a BFM Approved retail member.  To qualify you must sell products made by British furniture manufacturers in the UK, although not exclusively, and adhere to our Retail Code of Practice to demonstrate your commitment to customer service as well as show a pathway towards net zero carbon.  Retailers are required to complete a self-audit, details of which are in the Retail Code of Practice.


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