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Early Careers Portal

This online resource is geared towards individuals aged 15 to 24 who are navigating career decisions and guides those in search of industry-specific training pathways by connecting job seekers interested in the furniture industry with potential employers.

The website includes:

  • A complimentary jobs board tailored to early career opportunities, acting as a bridge between the industry and thousands of aspiring job seekers.  Employers posting job listings can choose to establish a dedicated company page for enhanced organisational promotion.
  • An easily searchable repository housing comprehensive information about industry-specific training options available across the UK, encompassing apprenticeship programs.
  • Consistent delivery of inspiring and enlightening content specifically designed to resonate with young audiences. This content serves to motivate them towards pursuing enriching careers within the furniture and furnishing sector. By showcasing the extensive array of roles and prospects within the industry, this content strives to captivate young talents, encouraging them to delve into and fulfil their passions.

If you are looking for a career in furniture, want to see what training is available near you, or just want to be inspired, visit


BFM is proud to be a founding member of FIESTA – the Furnishings Industry Education Skills and Training Alliance. FIESTA is the furniture industry's initiative to develop skills, training and employment opportunities in the UK’s furniture industry.

FIESTA has been set up by the industry’s trade associations to address the furniture and interiors industry’s current and future skills needs by encouraging and inspiring new talent to join the industry, and ensuring relevant education, training and qualifications are in place to support them.

FIESTA provides an employer-led forum which allows all its stakeholders to identify, clarify, promote and engage with all issues relating to education, skills and training at all levels, for all ages and for all sizes of businesses and sectors across the UK Furniture and Interiors Industry.  FIESTA will drive the development of, and access to, the most appropriate and highest quality education, skills and training for all.  It will inspire employers to engage actively in current and future education, skills and training needs, providing them with the reliable, authoritative guidance they need to make informed decisions.  It will encourage new talent to enter the industry and existing talent to remain and progress where appropriate.


At the heart of FIESTA is a management service for apprenticeships. Many employers have found that the landscape of apprenticeships post-reform, has complexities and administrative hurdles.  Our Skills Plus initiative, offers micro, SME and large employers within the furniture and furnishings sector an affordable and simplified way to engage with apprenticeships, upskilling and retraining.

The Skills Plus team can help employers access government funding for apprenticeships, or for larger employers help them find training that can be paid for from their Apprenticeship Levy Digital account.

Whether you are an employer, training provider or potential learner, please contact Carmen Daley for more information. Carmen Daley

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