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Ashwood have been producing bespoke upholstered furniture in the Welsh valleys for over twenty years. Skilled passionate people are at the heart of the company and in conjunction with the very latest technology we are rightly proud of the inspiring upholstery that we produce.

Ashwood was formed as a bespoke manufacturer to supply high end furniture to some of the U.K’s leading department stores.

For over 20 years Ashwood have been dedicated to the continuation of traditional upholstery skills and methods, working from their UK factory to hand build a collection of sofas and armchairs which epitomise the very best of British Design and furniture making.

Our furniture combine technical prowess with a bespoke approach. It is the product of a ceaseless quest for the ultimate in quality coupled with lasting respect for traditional workmanship and the latest in innovative design.

We believe strongly in technology and will strive to incorporate the most precise and up to date machinery available.

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