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Bespoke Business Software Limited (Go Workhorse)

At Workhorse, we understand that managing orders and inventory is at the core of your business's success. We believe that efficiency and control are the keys to unlocking your company's full potential.

That’s why we developed Workhorse; a simple yet flexible Order & Inventory Management Software that helps business owners regain control of their processes.  We provide the data the team needs to be able to accurately forecast and report ensuring everything runs as efficiently as possible. This helps save much needed time and money.

We help small businesses ditch the dreaded spreadsheets which are the cause of so many headaches. Using the Workhorse software enables our customers to transform their operations through effective inventory management. The software is configured individually to each business, tailored to the individuals that are using it and grows with them.

Our cloud-based software seamlessly integrates with Xero, which helps our customers speed up invoicing and eliminate any double entry. And our centralised dashboard gives customers enhanced visibility on key order and inventory metrics, meaning they have the data they need when they need it in order to be able to make smart decisions.

We look forward to working with more BFM members in helping them streamline their processes. Find out how we’ve helped some other furniture manufacturers here [hyperlink to case studies) and please drop us a line if you would like to chat about how we might be able to help you.

Some of our clients include: 

Sona Shades, JDD Furniture, A Shade Above, Bisley / Bisley North America, Howe London, Pinch, Rainbow, Porter Bathroom.


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