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Blum UK

Our focus is not on assessing feasibility, but on creating benefits for you. Because it is not about our ideas. It is about enabling yours. We work together with you. We rack our brains to develop and pioneer the future. And deliver solutions that best meet your needs. Let’s talk together – about new ideas and solutions for a better quality of living.

With Blum fittings, you can design furniture that reflects your imagination. Seamlessly facilitating movement in your living spaces with lift systems, pull-outs, and doors, our motion technologies to create your ideal environment. Alongside our product we offer tailored services such as our technical support hotline, and support in the form of machines and assembly devices to make using our fittings as easy as possible. We are commitment to assisting you from the point of installation to daily use.

Both our products and services are how we emphasise what we consider to be Blum quality, a standard that ensures we always meet your expectations. Whether you're a manufacturer, retailer, installer, or daily user of our fittings, Blum quality aligns with your vision, ensuring that every encounter with our products supports you every step of the way.

Considering the needs everyone who encounters Blum guides us. Every trend is an opportunity to be the one of the first in the market. How do we jointly shape the trends of the future? With innovative products that create real added value and with services that facilitate your processes. Blum is keen to support its partners every step of the way. At Blum we stay in motion to move ideas forward.