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Bramming Plast-Industri A/S

High quality foam for furniture

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S is a Danish foam manufacturer with more than 40 years’ experience within foam for furniture & Mattresses etc.. We will help you design your next classic furniture and provide you an industrial production setup, so you can scale your business.

We are experts in creating furniture classics ensuring that mechanical performance and internal compliance are built into the design. We design furniture for generations.

We produce molded items, steel chassis for high-end furniture and cut foam for all types of furniture. We are specialists in bonding unique and complex foam items. We are a unique partner in helping you developing your new furniture classic furniture with very high competences. We specialize in manufacturing high end furniture solutions in an industrial production environment. We do not compromise on quality or mechanical properties, and we deliver best in class products at a fair price.

BPI is a one stop shop. Low quantity items can be created utilizing our wide standard foam portfolio in our processing-centers in Denmark and Poland. High quantity items can be manufactured in our industrial furniture factory, where a unique mold is designed and fabricated for each individual item.

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