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We specialise in producing contract furniture specifically designed and exclusively supplied to contract distributors and care homes.

Domestic/retail furniture in a contract environment has huge implications. Naturally, you want to create a premium look and feel but within a reasonable budget.

The domestic market may offer cheaper furniture options which could satisfy your needs on the surface – but in the long run, it can often prove to be more expensive.

These domestic products may look great, but they’re usually manufactured using inferior, low quality products and hardware as they’re designed for occasional use and are not for the continuous use and often rough handling of a contract environment.

It’s your responsibility to ensure the products you offer are suitable for the residents’ needs and whilst alternative products may look right, they won’t offer the same durability and safety aspects of specific contract products.

6 considerations when selecting furniture options for your client:

  • SAFETY To protect residents and staff, furniture must be sturdy and well built to prevent toppling.
  • LIFESPAN Continuous use takes its toll on expected durability and lifespan of the products - failing furniture can be costly to repair or replace.
  • PRICE Domestic furniture may be cheaper at quotation stages but with reduced expected lifespan, maintenance repairs and potential personal injury claims, this can add up.
  • QUALITY What warranties are offered and what accreditations does the manufacturer have.
  • REPUTATION Consider the reputation of the manufacturer and their products. Their reputation will affect your reputation.
  • DESIGN Whilst functionality is priority within a contract environment, overall design and finish is key to providing a stylish and aesthetically pleasing look. 

We recognise and acknowledge our environmental implications and take our responsibilities seriously.

Brave Design is a proud member of the British Furniture Manufacturers Association (BFM).  

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