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Bye Bye Bed Ltd

Bye Bye Bed Ltd and its worlds first sustainable manufacturing arm brand Reborn, are committed to finding the sustainable solution to prevent 100% of mattresses from entering our already overflowing landfill sites.

Guaranteeing that 100% of mattresses received are ethically recycled and finding a circular economy solution for 100% of the separated components, we prevent these components from getting into the hands of the unscrupulous manufacturer not declaring recycled content and tarnishing industry reputation, and re-manufacturing a plethora of products for a variety of industry sectors from a waste stream deemed 100%. 

Recovered Bale Springs 


Trailer of recovered mattresses 


Through creating a true circular economy by slicing, dicing, granulating and grinding materials back to good integrity before sanitising and re-manufacturing into something new, we are offering the consumer a choice never seen before. Customers can purchase products manufactured from virgin raw materials and pay the economic and ecological price, OR, alternatively through ourselves purchase a Reborn product of the same integrity, made under the same legal compliance regulations but at a fraction of the price, and with a much lower ecological impact. From pet beds, to packaging, mattresses to insulation, the list of circular and sustainable solutions are endless. Visit our website to find out more.