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Have you ever become frustrated that your wood mill cannot keep up with the demand for orders and you find your production falling further and further behind schedule? This can be for a variety of issues such as lack of space or maybe a lack of man-power?

Capital Hardwood can offer you a way out. We can provide full sofa/chair/bed kits to your exact design, supplied directly to assembly point in flat pack form. We work closely with your design and development department in order to ensure that all aspects of the model are accurate before supplying.

We can also supply the kits sub-assembled and with the rails drilled and clipped if required.

We also supply:

Our products:

  • Kiln-Dried PAR Birch
  • Polished Beech Furniture Feet
  • Brass Castors
  • Hardboard

Capital hardwoods

Capital Hardwoods & Components