British Furniture Manufacturers

William Hands

Exceptional service, craftsmanship and design

Founded in 1906 William Hands reputation for excellence is the result of exceptional service, craftsmanship and design. Manufacturing from the original site on which the company was founded, William Hands is a symbol of the success and evolution of the British furniture industry.

Our process starts with a single sheet of white paper, every mark a statement, every thought witnessed, every stroke adding meaning to a moment in time.

Our ideology and passion for creating the highest quality pieces of furniture demands that we only select the finest materials, meticulously crafting our products without compromise.

William Hands has an international reputation, built up over many years, designing and making awe inspiring furniture and exporting across four continents. Our clients include worldwide global brands who have both discerning tastes and rigorous purchasing standards.

Our heritage
Williams Hands is an established British designer and manufacturer of high quality, dynamic commercial furniture for the workplace. We employ a passionate, dedicated team of designers, craftsmen and client facing individuals, committed to producing sustainable furniture that delivers incredible value and is made to exceed client expectation.

Design ethos
It’s well known that everything William Hands produce stands for high quality. We have a hard-earned reputation for creating beautiful statement pieces designed to inspire.

Our hand-made furniture collections are often commissioned by the most discerning customers with an eye for detail and an expectation of bespoke tailoring. That’s why each piece of furniture we make is a symbol, an expression of our client’s personality and value, designed and detailed to evoke a feeling of pride and empowerment, while perfectly fulfilling their exact needs.

It’s with this expectation in mind that we strive to make the selection of our custom-tailored furniture ever more accessible. Through the use of digital technology, our collections can be individually styled, so that our unique ability to be able to perfectly tailor each and every piece to its new owner, can continue to be realised.

We’ve created a number of online configurator tools for our flagship collections to help us to deliver on our commitment to unique custom-tailoring. These offer the opportunity for anyone to take ownership of their design – after all, we all know what we like when we see it. We don’t accept compromise and don’t believe our clients should either.

With a plethora of materials, textures, fabrics, and of course beautiful veneers and solid timbers available to select at your fingertips, you have everything you need to create your own unique William Hands piece.

Simply visit our product pages, select “configurator” and toggle the options to see how easy it is to create your unique style. We’ve taken the hassle out of commissioning a bespoke solution as every piece of William Hands furniture comes tailored as standard.