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JET PRESS is a leading global distributor of value engineered solutions and components. 

We help manufacture, build and assemble engineered fasteners, components, and hardware. From conventional and next generation vehicles, beautiful functional furniture to life-saving medical equipment.

Through our global supply chain and in-house engineering and development expertise, we help lower the risk, cost, and complexity of our customers’ supply chains.

Our business was founded in 1977 and remains under the original family ownership, with a member of the second generation actively involved in the business today. We’re committed to ethically delivering long-term benefits for our employees, community, customers and suppliers alike. Many of our employees have built a wealth of industry experience over many years with the company. We’ve grown together from being a local supplier based in Nottinghamshire to having a presence in 80 countries all over the World. We have a subsidiary in Germany and a manufacturing facility in Buckinghamshire.

JET PRESS is constantly adapting to changing customer requirements. Every new technical innovation or change in the regulatory framework presents new challenges. Our team is always on the look-out for new products to meet these challenges. Or finding ways of using tried and tested products in new ways.

We use our expertise to source globally from over 120 suppliers, we carry a vast range of 20,000 standard items and hold 80,000,000 fasteners and components in our warehouse. JET PRESS is always adapting to changing market requirements.

Our experienced team of engineers is here to support application specific enquiries. If we don’t have a component suitable for your requirement we’ll source it. If we can’t source it we’ll use our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities to develop a bespoke solution for you.

Success over the last 40 years has been delivered by the people at the heart of our business. The relationships they’ve established and nurtured is why we exist and why we’re different. We’re in it for the long-term, as a partner in the success stories of our customers and suppliers alike. Our business, any business is people.

Domestic furniture often uses wood, MDF, chipboard and similar materials. We supply a range of insert nuts for use in these materials. Threaded Inserts and Threaded Fasteners provide a secure anchor for bolts and other threaded components. T-Nuts are also used widely in the Furniture Industry. T-Nut Insertion Machines make insertion quick and accurate, we can supply, install and maintain a range of machines.

The JET PRESS offer to the Furniture Industry includes a very wide range of Furniture Assembly Components and Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Products. These include:

  • Bed & Cabinet Fittings
  • Drawer Runners and Slides
  • Castors and Levelling Feet
  • Bedroom & Kitchen Storage
  • Door Handles & Knobs
  • LED lighting

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