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Oak Tree Mobility

Quality, service, great price

Our years of experience in rise and recliner chairs and adjustable beds means we understand the level of respect and service our customers deserve. It was from this understanding that we developed three key ideas and applied them to every aspect of our business so that we could provide you with a better standard of customer care:

1.   Quality product

2.   Customer service second to none

3.   Great price

Top quality craftsmanship, a customer service second to none and competitive prices are hallmarks of the Oak Tree Mobility tradition. 

We wanted our name to portray the high standards that we were looking to live up to. We also wanted to make sure our customers knew that we were very much a British establishment, conveying the importance of tradition, reliability and support.

 After careful consideration we became ‘Oak Tree Mobility’, embracing the belief that ‘your comfort is our strength’ in order to reinforce all of the values that we pride ourselves on as a company today.

The identity of a company is the individual imagery by which it is recognised.

Our identity is an Oak Tree, an impressive British symbol of reliability and solidity. The ethos of a company is the distinctive character, spirit, and attitude it upholds. Our ethos is “Your Comfort is Our Strength”.

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Oak Tree Mobility