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Whitemeadow Furniture

Whitemeadow is the largest independently owned upholstery manufacturer in Britain today

Expansion has allowed us to produce more, but has never extinguished our commitment to keeping all our products handcrafted in our Nottinghamshire factories. To maintain this, entrepreneurial spirit has been at our core. Our independence gives us the freedom to react quickly and offer the essential flexibility needed in the non-branded sector of the market.

Focussing on design leadership, an efficient production process and attention to quality, we have grown to become one of Britain’s leading upholstery manufacturers. And we aren’t limited to a particular handwriting when it comes to designing products. Rather than producing a singular structured house style, we offer design styles appealing to a wide spectrum of customers, from pure contemporary to modern, traditional styles.

Our range also includes upholstered bed frames, sofa beds, chairs, chaises, footstools and ottomans.

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